New Part Time Job

Abercrombie job: $8.25 an hour

Projected work hours: less than 32 a week

Projected maximum money earned in one week: $247.50

Paycheck comes twice a week, estimated monthly earnings: $495


Current bank account savings :$1207


Gotta bring that number up


Being frugal

As of right now, goods that I’ll have to cut out to save as much as I can for future assets:

Clothes (have more than enough that will last me a while)

Unnecessary foods: no foods that aren’t incorporated into my diet. Sticking to buying lean meats, veggies, eggs, fish, bread, and rice as main expenses. May have to cut out quest bars too, shit. Why the hell do they have to be so expensive for a pack of 12???

Electronics: my phone, iPod, and laptop should be the only electronics I own. No need to buy anything else.

Possible future assets:

Stocks- I’ve been really interested in dropping some money to purchases some stocks. Half will be used on low risk stocks that build slowly over time, the rest I’ll use for high risk high reward stocks.

Website: want to try to build my own website and sell a specific product. Going to have to learn some coding first, but I heard it isn’t so bad once you have the basis down for building sites.

App?: so apparently you can buy an app distributor for only $25 to get your own app out in the market. I might try to make a simple and easy to use app and sell it cheap. If it’s relatively successful I’ll have some extra money flowing in each month.

Living simpler:

Have been employing that “spartan lifestyle” approach to living below my means for the past few weeks. Cooking with minimum recipes to save time and money. Reducing spending on unneeded items to reduce clutter. Paying everything in cash and not using credit card. Using laptop to get kindle versions of books and stopped buying CDs and instead just using iPod for music to reduce clutter.

So far it’s been going well.

Being cheap as hell, but I’m hoping it’ll be worth it in the future with my plans on buying more assets.

Note to self, be careful with macros

Before I was guesstimating the amount of macros in the meals that restaurants usually serve. This wasn’t the best thing to do as I wasn’t really sure if I was under or over my maintenance by the end of the day. As it turns out there are a couple websites like myfitnesspal,, and that give some good estimates of the calories and amount of macros in each meal. Some of the restaurants are nice enough to provide a nutrition chart in their website, others usually don’t (this means they’re meals will ruin your macros).

Found out that IHOP’s chicken bacon griller is about 850 calories, so I finished that up pretty quickly and figured I’d check the other nutrients later. Bad mistake, turns out it’s 45 grams of fat, leaves me with about 10 grams left for the rest of the day since I already used up some during breakfast. Damn it, have to remind myself to be more careful next time.

On the other hand, that chicken bacon griller was the bomb.


Current goals for bodybuilding

Goal: gain 20 pounds while bulking (goal is to weigh 170 pounds by the end of my bulk)

Current caloric surplus: raised to 250 calories above maintenance

250 x 7 = 1750 caloric surplus each week

Which means I’ll be gaining about half a pound each week

Expected weight gain: 2 pounds a month

Estimated time it’ll take to hit goal goal : around 10 months

Long way to go, but as long as I can keep fat gains as small as possible then I don’t mind taking my time.